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The winners of 2022: The Top Fabrics

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2022 will always be a special year for Last Yarn as it marks the launch of our online marketplace which became home to hundreds of surplus fabrics from fashion studios, factories and mills. Last year, we discovered over 1,700 different fabrics that were added to the marketplace by sellers, totalling over 150,000 meters of surplus fabrics. We’ve taken a look at the most purchased pieces and have gathered 2022’s most loved fabrics and colours.


Top 3 fabrics of 2022

#3 Viscose

PLABHA1976 GOLD2 3B 800x800 1
Gold silk embossed jacquard (viscose blend)

In third place, the most purchased fabric in 2022 were our viscose blends. Viscose is a semi-synthetic fiber made from natural sources of regenerated cellulose, such as wood pulp. Our collection has housed a variety of viscose blends from sellers including silk blends, cotton blends in weaves from jacquards to tweeds. We also have the exclusive stretch sports fabric that is part of The X-Static Collection containing modal (a bio-based fabric made from beech tree cellulose), lycra and silver blend. The industry has drawn our attention to sustainable materials, and cellulose and wood-based fibre’s have become more available and in the the public eye throughout 2022. We saw an explosion in Tencel textiles across red-carpets throughout the year, which has made tree based fibres a new favourite.


#2 Chiffon

JCSHOTORG KIWI2 13C 800x800 1
Kiwi silk shot chiffon

In at number two is chiffon, a soft lightweight fabric that proves that romanticism isn’t dead. As the UK saw record high temperatures, weddings and parties back on track following global lockdowns it isn’t a surprise that chiffon was the second most bought fabric. Like our viscose finds, our chiffon collection was filled with both pure fibres such as silks and blends.


#1 Silk

Orange 100% dupion silk

Did somebody say silk? Silk was the most purchased fabric from our surplus finds. It remains as one of the oldest and strongest natural fibres across the world and we found a beautiful collection of pure silks once sourced from East Asia and well kept in a UK warehouse as surplus from previous collections. We have a collection of pure silks including dupion and chiffon which topped the silk blends. Silks versatility makes it 2022 winner.


last yarn top fabrics 2022232



Top 3 colours of 2022

#3 Berry

PLAGRA588 BERRY1 10C 800x800 1
Crêpe de chine Berry

In at third place are berry colours which span from deep pinks and fuchsia to light purples and pinkish reds. Colours such as cherry, raspberry, blush and resembling shades were on the top. Orchid Flower was declared the colour of the year for 2022 by WGSN at the end of 2021, chosen as a symbol of hope with the intense magenta capturing joy and positivity. Throughout 2022, the spike in period drama inspired looks – thanks to Bridgerton welcomed floral colours and patterns, plus hot pink (also referred to as the Barbiecore trend) making a come back through the Spring and Summer.


#2 Blue

Azure 100% dupion silk

The second colour was blue, particularly the darker and deeper shades with royal and navy blues being the most popular shade. The colour blue has earned its spot as a global favourite colour as well as the chosen colour for summer 2022 according to Vogue and WWD who have put pacific blue as the colour of choice for designers.


#1 Black

Black stretch velvet

A classic, at number one jet black is the winner, as the most popular colour bought by you in 2022. With monochrome looks and the rise in Gothic fashion and runway, we might be seeing more of this in 2023.


last yarn top fabrics 2022233

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