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An Evening Discussing Digital Design Solutions To Fashion Industry Waste

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To celebrate the reintroduction of over 250,000 meters of fabric back into circulation since Last Yarn’s formation, on the 18th of January, Last Yarn organised an evening at the Jimmy Choo Academy. Guest speakers at the forefront of this topic were invited to discuss the future of fashion and digital design in solving fashion waste.

At the Digital Design Solutions Event, we gathered an eclectic mix of industry professionals to discuss where digital design is heading and what effect this will have on fashion.  From its effect on marketplaces to 3D design and avatars; the combination of industry insiders provided a rich blend of perspectives on the exciting ways we can explore digital design and its potential on our future.

Hosting the panel was Ngoni Chikwenengere, founder of the slow fashion label, We Are Kin. In the discussion, she provided invaluable insights into how digital design platforms have been beneficial in her creations: much cheaper and more convenient. Ngoni put forward some really rich points about how the use of digital design will help create more transparency in the supply chain.

Alongside Ngoni, we had Tiago Teixeira Correia, the CEO of Transcend, a transmedia entertainment studio, showcasing digital fashion outfits in its creations. Tiago kindly shared his views on how digital fashion has completely transformed the gaming industry and can leave a mark in 3D animation and generally the entertainment industry.

Adam Andrascik also joined the panel as the Co-Founder of Provineer, an IP protection platform for creatives, and Digital Technology Lead at Ravensbourne University London. Adam had some great insights into digital design allowing a different economy to arrive from designer brands. He discussed how digital design can be the great equaliser, allowing people who may not be able to afford expensive items to buy cheaper, digital versions.

Our final guest was Georgia Graham, the founder of Threads of Conversation, a media platform and consultancy which focuses on the social and cultural stories we tell through style. Georgia made a good point on the accessibility of digital design and the importance of communicating the emotional connection we have with our clothing through digital design.

The discussions that stemmed from putting together this diverse group led to some astute observations of what needs to be done/is being done to / will be done to help the ever-urgent concern of waste in the fashion industry.

To learn more, find the whole conversation below.


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