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Last Yarn x Raeburn: What’s in my Home Exhibition

Last Yarn Raeburn Whats in my home Raeburn Design Alex Fleming 202311
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It’s a pleasure to be part of the “What’s in My Home” exhibition this month as part of RAEBURN’s Regenerative By Design Programme at The Lab E20. We are displaying a selection of our silks, chiffons and organza’s to match the parachute aesthetic of the lab, alongside fabric cards describing everyday textiles in our homes and wardrobes, from how they are made to the way that they feel.


About the exhibition

‘What’s in My Home?’ (Feb-Aug 2023) will tell the story of the material journey from our kitchen and interiors, to our wardrobes to our gardens to the material innovation happening right here in labs across London to deliver a new low environmental impact textiles story for the way we dress, style our homes and build our cities.’ Throughout the year, the exhibition will invite new designers and curators to fill the space. Browse their action packed programme to visit our display alongside work from designer Ellen Rock, magazines from Hole and Corner, biodegradable textiles from C.Q Studio and ceramics from Bisila Noha.

Curated by Yasmin Jones-Henry, Amanda Johnston & Tamsin Blanchard

Produced by RAEBURN & Young Craft Citizens (Crafts Council)

Supported by Get Living


The opening night in pictures

Shop our silks, chiffons and organzas.

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