What Is Dead Stock?

In recent years, dead stock textiles have emerged as a sustainable solution within the fashion industry, gaining popularity and recognition for their environmental and economic benefits. With examples ranging from Harris Reed’s Dead Stock Collections to Conner Ives unique creations crafted from surplus materials, it’s evident that the creative potential of deadstock is endless. At […]

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Celebrating BAFTA’S Costume Design Nominees

In the enchanting world of cinema, where storytelling meets visual splendour, costume designers play a pivotal role in bringing characters to life. The recent BAFTA awards have once again shone a spotlight on the brilliant minds behind the costumes that captivated audiences. Whether you admire Holly Waddington’s detailed and opulent outfits in Poor Things or […]

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Hi Barbies

Hey Barbie! Barbie Pink is back, this time with it’s own blockbuster. Whilst Margot Robbie steals the headlines and press attention, one of the key messages behind the bizarre nostalgic Barbie film is that we all have a little Barbie in us, echoing the tagline “Be who you want to be”.  We’ve decided to pair […]

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Is 2023 bringing back the gothic look?

Are we in agreement that choosing to do better shouldn’t come with a harrowing apocalyptic feeling, although as far as dystopia goes, we’ve embraced the new take of the gothic look creeping back for 2023 following the huge success of Tim Burton’s Netflix series Wednesday, a spin off of the infamous Addams Family, which has […]

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