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Hi Barbies

Hey Barbie!

Barbie Pink is back, this time with it’s own blockbuster. Whilst Margot Robbie steals the headlines and press attention, one of the key messages behind the bizarre nostalgic Barbie film is that we all have a little Barbie in us, echoing the tagline “Be who you want to be”.  We’ve decided to pair our fabric collections with the wider cast behind the Barbie movie starring alongside Margot Robbie are Issa Rae (President Barbie) in gold and rose pinks; Sharon Rooney (Lawyer Barbie) in calming lilac; Hari New (Doctor Barbie) in shiny metallics; Emma Mackey (Nobel Prize Barbie) n lime green and scroll to the bottom if you are looking for hot pink. 


Monochrome Collection 

with Margot Robbie


Inspired by the Mattel stripped swimsuit Barbie sold in the 1950’s, view our favourite monochrome fabrics from stripes, to polka dots and abstract patterns.


Golden Rose Collection 

with Issa Rae

Barbie movie last yarn fashion fabric1

Issa Rae represents president Barbie, the doll itself has a golden dress with rose gold details. Find our collection of gold taffetas, silks and laces for volume and shaping.


Lime Green Collection 

with Emma Mackey

Barbie movie last yarn fashion fabric9

Find your shade of sweet lime green satins, silks and taffettas inspired by British actress Emma Mackey.


Soft Lilac Collection 

with Sharon Rooney

Barbie movie last yarn fashion fabric3

We’ve found both lightweight lilac’s and thicker tweeds, inspired by Sharon Rooney’s soft purple ensamble.


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