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Celebrating BAFTA’S Costume Design Nominees

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In the enchanting world of cinema, where storytelling meets visual splendour, costume designers play a pivotal role in bringing characters to life. The recent BAFTA awards have once again shone a spotlight on the brilliant minds behind the costumes that captivated audiences.

Whether you admire Holly Waddington’s detailed and opulent outfits in Poor Things or Ellen Mirojnick’s smart and sophisticated 1920s masculine styles, we’ve aligned our fabric collections with the inventive minds behind these thoughtfully crafted and creative looks that left a lasting impression.

Pastel Collection

with Holly Waddington

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Alongside the script, Waddington’s biggest inspiration was thinking about how young children (roughly five to eight years old) would dress themselves and how quickly their outfits would unravel. We have paired the Poor Things look with pastel, soft yellows and whites.

Pink Collection

with Jacqueline Durran

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Aside from some looks, the costumes were created by Durran’s team from scratch: “We not only made the clothes but we also made the fabric. We chose the colours and we made the prints and then we made the clothes.” Here is your chance to replicate the same look with Last Yarn’s large pink fabricselection.

Cool Toned Red Collection

with Ellen Mirojnick


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Screenshot 2024 02 23 at 16.47.01

For the veteran designer, it was subtle and decisive costuming that brought the world of Oppenheimer to life. Selecting each tie or sock or coat felt incredibly weighted — but once she got it right, there was no denying the magic of witnessing the characters appear in front of her. Choose from our selection of muted colours.

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