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A sustainable choice for creatives, designers, students and the planet.

150,000 Metres
Last Yarn Fabric rescued from landfill to date

Our fabric calculator shows us how much fabric has been saved and repurposed since the formation of Last Yarn. Saving thousands of fabrics from being discarded in landfills across the globe is our mission and inspires everything that we do alongside our network of creatives.

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Our Curators

Meet the Last Yarn Curators. Learn more about who they are and shop their thoughtfully curated fabric collection.

Global creative director of Fashion Revolution, Orsola De Castro, is one of these trailblazers. Orsola de Castro is an internationally recognised opinion leader in sustainable fashion. Her career started as a designer with the pioneering upcycling label From Somewhere, which she launched in 1997 until 2014.  Now, De Castro is the co-founder and creative director of Fashion Revolution; dedicated to the global movement in fashion. She wrote ‘Loved Clothes Last’ in 2021 which explored the myriad ways to mend, re-wear and breathe new life into your wardrobe to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.

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The Wimbledon Collection

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Last Yarn Academy

Last Yarn Academy supports inspiring young talent. We provide reduced and gifted fabrics to students and charities, as well as donating off cut textile bins at universities and colleges across the country.

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10 reasons why you should shop Last Yarn

1. Thousands of fabrics
2. Locally sourced
3. Luxury, vintage, and ex-designer fabrics
4. No minimums
5. Delivery within 5 working days
6. Prioritisation of the planet
7. Community focused
8. Unbeatable prices
9. No import duties or customs clearance
10. Challenging the supply chain

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‘You don’t have to be interested in fashion to want to see a bag of trash turned into couture, red carpet-level gown,’ @juliafox said. ‘It’s interesting, it’s cool, and - not only that - but it’s good for our planet.’

Share your thoughts and tips for turning trash into couture and other upcycling practices in the comments. 💚

#consciousconsumer #deadstock #upcycleclothing #JuliaFox

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It was such a joy to have our 2024 LY Academy scholars @theeenglishmann, @viaciauri, and @p3rrydavids8n from @jcalondon into our fabric room last week, sourcing for their final collections.
More on this soon!

Are you a UK-based brand seeking deadstock alternatives? DM us now to book an appointment.

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Local craft, precise tailoring, and high-quality fabrics shine bright at the Fashion City ‘How Jewish Londoners Shaped Global Style’ exhibition at the Museum of London Docks. Curated by @luciewhitmorecurator, it is a clear example that British fashion was once resourceful, local and still incredibly beautiful. Don’t miss out - visit before it closes on July 7th! 👗👞👔

@wearelondonmuseum #Heritage #Tailoring #BritishFashion

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